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Tracking Software Reviews was founded in early 2006 by successful online marketer and consultant Michael Baker. Tracking Software Reviews found a need for a website that would review and give a independent reviews on the Ad Tracking Software that was coming out. The Industry was getting to be heavily populated by companies that provided Ad Tracking Software that would not help customers at all. After having many people come to him and would ask him constantly what Ad Tracking Software to use to prevent click fraud and how to analyze visitor data from your website. He got sick of there being no solution and Launched Tracking Software Reviews.

Tracking Software Reviews has looked at many different Ad Tracking Software as we were conducting our reviews and we have found that the majority of them are heavily overpriced or provide no value to the customers. We have conceived a Top 10 List to help our customers find the perfect Ad Tracking Software to meet their needs and to make it effortless to find the best Ad Tracking Software for their company.

Our Goal is simple – To help businesses make an educated decision on finding the best Ad Tracking Software for their company.

AdWatcher (9.6)
ClickTracks (8.4)
HitsLink (6.9)
Who's Clicking Who? (6.4)
DynaTracker (6.3)
Conversion Ruler (6.2)
AdTrackz (5.0)
Ad Minder (4.6)
Click Alyzer (1.6)
Pro Analyzer (0.0)

Excellent Value, Useful Software
I picked this software up a while ago and found that it does the job very well and keeps my expenses down, since it doesn't burden me with a monthly f... [more]
Please explain.dontunderseand... [more]
still charging my business checking
I asked them to stop billing me months ago but have two more months of continued ACH debits from my business checking account anyway. The current num... [more]
AdWatcher works great!
AdWatcher is a great program, i have been very happy with AdWatcher and the way it works. I believe that ClickTracks is a little bit to expensive ... [more]
ok software however adwatcher is better and they offer no analytics like clicktracks. Overall i would pick adwatcher if you are looking for clickfrau... [more]

Tracking Software Reviews finishes a review on AdTrackz
posted on April 12, 2006
Tracking Software Reviews ( Who's Clicking Who, a click fraud detection service.
posted on April 08, 2006
Tracking Software Reviews takes a look at DynaTracker!
posted on April 05, 2006

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