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ClickTracks Analyzer (8.4)
AdWatcher (8.0)
HitsLink (7.9)
Who's Clicking Who? (6.4)
DynaTracker (6.3)
Conversion Ruler (6.2)
AdTrackz (5.0)
Ad Minder (4.6)
Click Alyzer (1.6)
Pro Analyzer (0.0)

stay away
after this review was published click alyzer had some serious errors please be careful before you decide to go with them, their service stopped workin... [more]
no support
I could not find any support from dynatracker i was disappointed.... [more]
Click Fraud detection works
Before i signed up for AdWatcher i thought no one was having a problem with click fraud i thought it would never happen to me because i am in an indus... [more]
This is excellent software, Customer Service is excellent as well!

A+++++++... [more]
I dont like it
I don't like it at all. I have a hard time logging on (almost always getting errors), and there doesn't seem to be any data on there worth looking at.... [more]

Tracking Software Reviews finishes a review on AdTrackz
posted on April 12, 2006
Tracking Software Reviews ( Who's Clicking Who, a click fraud detection service.
posted on April 08, 2006
Tracking Software Reviews takes a look at DynaTracker!
posted on April 05, 2006